© Sobajima Toshihiro


Atelier Tekuto

Chiba, Japan

Atelier Tekuto

© Sobajima Toshihiro


53 sqm

From the architect. Earth has been the most popular structural building material in the world’s history of architecture. However due to modernization in building technology concrete and steel have become the most common building materials in 20th Century. As a result standardized modern architecture has prevailed over the world, and specific characters of architecture in each region are disappearing.

Living in the age of environmental awareness, it is our professional responsibility to explore new materials that are ecological and also not to be influenced by economy. Therefore earth is our natural choice of building material.

We used magnesium oxide as natural hardening medium. It is extracted from ocean and land, and earth bricks are made by mixing it with earth, therefore they can be produced everywhere in the world. Moreover it contains no harmful substance and can be safely returned to the ground.

Our earth bricks surpass the structural masonry standard of Japan. There is no structure category for earth structure in the Japanese building code, and masonry is the only way to use soil as a structural material.

Glass blocks, LVL and terrazzo are used besides earth bricks. Their selection is based on the keyword “density”. Even though each material has a distinct character, they are similar in density. Together they create harmonious space for living.


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