Ezekiel T Jones

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Ezekiel T Jones



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By understanding the historical urban planning and development strategy of Santa Cruz at large and the local ad-hoc building strategies of the present, this project seeks to develop a framework for organized yet organic growth of a nursery and school in La Arboleda De Fatima. Instead of proposing a scheme that can initially accomodate 500 students, the plan instead establishes a regular grid and regulating lines to denote locations for possible growth. 

Through selective demolition and additions that leverage extant conditions, steel structures covered in mosquito net are placed to provide digni ed, yet varied learning environments within the framework of the proposed grid system. The steel structures, paired with alteration to the ground plane, are built at intervals to allow ample natural light, while interacting with the existing buildings, perimeter walls, trees, and bleachers to maximize space with minimum cost. Slippage between the imposed grid and the regulating lines of the existing buildings create irregular moments of connection, intimacy, and cohesiveness while relating to the sporadic built condition of the existing neighborhood. Assumedly, over time, the new structures will be built relative to need and economic feasibility, thus allowing exible development that can accomodate necessary social and organizational changes while maintaining the dignity of the initial proposal. 


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