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Holscher Nordberg Architecture and Planning

Gladsaxe, Denmark

Holscher Nordberg Architecture and Planning

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1.400 sqm

From the architects. The Loop offers a new activity path in Værebro Park a residential area in the suburbs of Copenhagen.
Placed in the intersection between an indoor swimming pool, a primary and secondary school, and a housing project Værebro Park, is a green oasis for the residents. The activity path aims to create a physical and mental bridge between the different users of the area. It invites playfulness and is designed to offer a variation of activities in one structure. It presents a path with variation in levels, places to sit for social gathering. The Loop is part of a larger strategy of architectural intervention intended to improve the social conditions in the Værebro Park – a somewhat bleak and deprived social housing development in the larger Copenhagen area – through emphasizing a connection between the local public indoor swimming pool, the local public school and the area’s apartment buildings.
Holscher Nordberg Architects developed the project in a process of co-creation with the local community.
We organized interactions with the local community to chart the needs and dreams of the local residents.
This was a very meaningful experience that helped us get a better feeling for what we could do with the physical environment in order to initiate a positive development and a bigger feeling of community in the area.
The Loop is a steel construction, a single metal ribbon, which extends continuously over a public park area in the Værebro Park housing estate. This ribbon of weathering steel meanders through the park area, creating a path, slide and aerial walkway. It loops around a wildflower meadow and crosses an existing path, before connecting with a ramp. The ramp continues to rise as it loops around a cluster of trees, then slopes back down and passes underneath itself. As it approaches a concrete wall, enclosing another part of the park, the steel surface slopes steeply to form a slide with a polished surface that intersects with the top of the wall. Tensioned wires create a minimal balustrade around the elevated sections of the walkway, while the sides of the slide are formed of steel profiles that taper as they descend towards the ground. A cantilevered box that extends from the highest point of the concrete wall provides a viewing platform overlooking the entire park.
The Loop was conceived on a tight budget but still with the aim to create an esthetical element for the park.



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