ARCHsharing is a non-profit NGO founded in 2016 by two French students in architecture.


"We created this association during our last student year in the Architecture school of Marseille. We created it after we participated to some competitions and realized that one aspect was missing: pedagogy.

Thus, we got specialized in architectural competition for students and young architects. We propose an alternative to standard architectural competitions, by adding more pedagogy and a better diffusion of the students’ ideas. 

We commit to send each participant the jury members comments, so that they can have a feedback on their work. After each competition, we will publish a book that aims at sharing and spreading students’ worldwide ideas and to approach the main theme of the competition.


ARCHsharing is composed by architects and students, the association is a way for its members to participate to the architectural debate, while encouraging the apprenticeship of his participants". 


Sophie et Aubéry 



ARCHsharing has organized during 2016/2017 the first architectural competition open to the students and young architects from all over the world. Living and Working in Tokyo was the subject: candidates had to propose the design of a habitation linking working space and living space in Tokyo dense context. More than 500 participants thought about this subject, and brought many innovative answers to this challenge. You can find the students submissions or discover some  projects in the first volume LWT.

​Given the great success of his first competition, the association decided to organize a second edition with an additional pedagogic aspect: the construction. This subject, a community center in Nepal, offered the possibility of winning project's construction. The laureate will soon go to Nepal for the construction of his project with the NGO Rock’n Wood! You can find the student submissions or discover some projects in the second volume CCN.

Following this competition, the third one, EHP was conceived with the NGO TECHO, in order to create an emergency housing in Paraguay. The winning project chosen by the jury and TECHO is a module that can be built in several places, and several numbers, thanks to its low-cost budget and its easy to build system. You can find the student submissions, waiting for the third volume EHP that is due to May 2019 !

The fourth competition was still in Latin America, in Bolivia this time. We asked the participants to offer a project for a school rehabilitation. As for all of the previous competition, an international jury composed by architects, related to the subject, have chosen the laureate project, on April 10, we'll share with you the results very soon ! More details on this new edition here



Sophie Ponthieu

Co-founder ARCHsharing

Aubéry de Bretteville

Co-founder ARCHsharing

Coline Plouchart

Editor in chief


Vincent Tercé


Sarah Naulet


Cazembé Henry


Manon Ponthieu


Beryl Barbot