Who can participate to the Happy Homes France competition?

Registration is open to architecture students and young architects from all over the world. To respect the profile of a "young architect", the members of the team must not have graduated from university more than 3 years ago (Graduated after the 16th December 2016).

The competition is also open to students from engineering, landscape and other disciplines related to architecture.


How many people can my team be composed of?

Participation in the competition can be done alone or in a team. Teams can be composed of a maximum of 4 people.


How to receive the documents to participate to the competition?

To receive the necessary documents to participate in to the competition (brief, DWG, 3D, photos...) it is necessary to register for the contest via our website. In order to do so, you must go to the "register" page and fill in the form. Once the payment has been made on the paypal platform, you will receive an automatic email indicating the confirmation of your registration. In this email you will find a link to download the documents of the competition. If you do not receive this email, you will receive after a maximum of 2 days a manual confirmation email from our team with your team code and the Dropbox link. If 2 days after your registration, you have not received any mail, please contact us.


What is the team code?

The team code is a combination of 3 letters (ABJ for example). This code must be kept carefully because it allows us to identify your team anonymously. This code is to be displayed on your board when rendering. You will receive this code in the confirmation email that we send you no later than 2 days after your registration. It is important to never reveal your names on your boards or files. Always use your team code.


What are the submission's conditions?

Participants must submit a panel in A1 format and an explanatory notice in A4 format.

The layout of the A1 panel is free except to include the team code on it as indicated in the templates provided when you register. All methods of representation are accepted.

The explanatory notice must also respect certain rules: 200 words max, arial font 12; the team code must appear as indicated on the template given at the registration; this notice will be composed exclusively of text, no plan or other drawing may appear on it.

When is the deadline submission?

The submission deadline is fixed on the 17th May 2020 at midnight (Paris). 


How do I submit my project?

A form will be set up on our website in order to be able to submit your project approximately 2 weeks before the date of the submission. This form will be accessible from the main page of the competition. Once your project has been sent, a confirmation email will be sent to you within 2 days.


What is the project's area of action?

The project can be planned on all the red area of the site. You will find in the documents provided after the registration a google view with the red limit of the site. 

Where is located the site?

You can find the site of the project with the following longitude and latitude: 49°14’45.9”N 1°57’09.8”E

Are there any urban planning rules on the ground?

No urban planning rules are imposed on the site. You are therefore entirely free.

Which materials to use?

The choice of materials is free. 

Is the project site linked to different needs such as water and electricity?

The land has access to the water and electricity.