Frem Charlette, Eliott Albaz - ENSA Toulouse

Jury comments:

The project presents one of the strongest concept of the competition in terms of space. Indeed, to propose one and only room that can adapt to a living or working space is ambitious. From this concept results numbers of qualities for the space: volume, adaptability and flexibility. The proposition was quickly established as the winning project to all jury members. They particularly appreciated the ability students had to perceive the japanese way of living in their narrow but simple and minimalists spaces. Using shelves as a structural answer for the facade and an answer to a library needs is clever.

At last, the explicative note , possibly seen as a tribute to the french poet Mallarmé, shows the precise sensibility of this project.


Marlice Alfera - ENSA Paris la Villette

Jury comments:

The project is surely the one that draw jury's attention the most. Considered as an art masterpiece for its graphic design, it was also appreciated for its architectural aesthetic. The work on the facade and structure was ingeniously managed. It allows a transparency as much as intimacy in spaces needing it. Moreover, it is linked to the interior design, giving the possibility of furniture use, which is very relevant.

This project's representation is remarkable in its delicacy, finesse and precision, correlated to some japanese realizations. 


Alexandre Moret - ENSA Versailles

Jury comments:

A strong concept is coming out of this project. The idea of offering three different vertical housing is peculiar and very relevant. The stairs are original and inspired the jury members. Its elegance and central disposition creates a fine sculptural object. It gives the envy of trying it, knowing how it could work. The program organization and the stairs disposition gives an interesting functional answer, evolving around the link between earth and sky. The research on public space and its connection with the backstreet brings some real urban quality to the project.

The board is also very clear and pleasant reading. Congratulations !

Honorable mentions

SIRI Olivia - Enée Thomas - Hmidouchi Youssef ENSA Paris Val de Seine

Kutschker Philip - LEI Jimmy Technical University of Munich

PIQUET Manon ENSA Paris Val de Seine

HOZZANKOVA Sara - BABIC Jan - JURAJ Izrael Slovak University of Technology

KUNZHE kang Manchester School of Architecture

GOBLET Thomas - NASTASSIA Nasser ENSA Paris Belleville

UTOMO Tania Paramita Toyohashi University of Technology

HRISHIKESH Tailor Ryerson University Canada

GRAVIGLIA Flavio ENSA Paris Malaquais

DENISA Badoi - BARBU Alexandru Politehnica University of Timisoara

DONATI Michelangelo - TADDEI Francesco Università di Pisa